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How do I pair the Fatboy Light Control app with my Edison the Giant?

  • Download the Fatboy Light Control app on your smartphone or tablet (via the App Store or Google Play). Make sure your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth is enabled.
  • Register your lamp like this: pull and hold the Edison the Giant label for six seconds. When the lamp starts flashing and changes color, let go of the label. The lamp will now appear in your device overview. Tap to connect.
  • The red button turns green . Tap the arrow at the top left to return to your app's home page. There you’ll see (under ‘devices’) that the lamp is connected.
  • To control the lamp, press the lamp’s name.


Does the app say ‘please register first’? Then your Edison the Giant isn't linked yet. Repeat these steps again.


Do you have more than one Edison lamp in a room? Perhaps you're trying to pair the wrong lamp. The lamp at the top is not necessarily the one closest to you.

Is it not working? Hopefully, this information will help. If you’re still having trouble, please contact our customer service. We'll be happy to help you.