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On our website, you can order nice Fatboy® products and subscribe to our newsletter. We also use cookies when you visit our website. This means that we record your personal details in certain cases. We would like to inform you about this.


Fatboy only saves your email address if you communicate this to us (by subscribing to our newsletter). This email address is used to inform you about updates of our website and for marketing purposes e.g., information about new products or drives. We will never forward this information to third parties and therefore, other parties will not contact you. You can always unsubscribe to our newsletter. For this purpose, click the link in one of the newsletters that you received.


When we receive or transfer your details on or to our website, we always use coding technologies that are commonly known and are considered safe standards within the IT sector.

When we receive or transfer certain critical information, such as financial information for example, we use a secured server. You are informed about this via a pop-up screen shown on our site.


We need your name, email address, address/addresses, payment details and sometimes your telephone number for your order, so we can deliver it and keep you informed about your order. We forward your details to other parties if this is necessary for an order e.g., to courier companies.

Furthermore, Fatboy uses the details that you entered when ordering in order to occasionally send you a newsletter and to keep you informed about new products and attractive updates about Fatboy. If you are not interested in this service, you can indicate this during the ordering process by unregistering to the newsletter. Of course, you can unsubscribe to our newsletter any time by clicking the link in one of the newsletters that you received from us.


Do you want to know whether the details you have sent us are correct? Do you have additional questions about our privacy policy? Do you want to remove your personal details from our database? Please contact us via our customer service.


Fatboy uses the following conditions for using the website:

  • This site provides information about Fatboy and its products. Moreover, you can order Fatboy products here. We naturally do our utmost to prevent errors and incorrect information, but this can happen nevertheless. You cannot hold Fatboy liable for typos and erroneous offers (e.g., a very low price).
  • Unfortunately, Fatboy cannot guarantee that the website or the servers making this website available do not contain viruses or other harmful elements.
  • Fatboy is allowed to amend the entire website or change its information without prior notifying you (also this disclaimer).
  • Our website can contain links to other websites. We cannot be held liable for the content of these internal links. Therefore, access these links at your own risk!
  • If you send us photos, nice ideas, crazy stories, etcetera or share these items on our social media channels (e.g., a photo of a Fatboy product and the #fatboy), we are allowed to use this in our communications / online communications. If possible, we do this including a name and/or source reference. If you do not appreciate this, please notify us via our customer service.
  • It is possible that you get to view products which are not available in your country.


On this website you will find information, illustrations, photos, models, brands, products, patterns, ads, etcetera, which are the exclusive property of Fatboy or are licensed to Fatboy. All this is protected by intellectual property rights. In particular, we want to point out that the brand name, the red logo, the red label attached to the products, our products and product photos are the exclusive property of Fatboy or are exclusively licensed to Fatboy, unless indicated otherwise.

Reproduction (except for private, personal and non-commercial use), distribution, sale, publication, transfer, change and any other use of the aforementioned material is prohibited. No right, title or other claims of property or license can be considered to be granted to you by downloading and/or copying these materials.

Cookie Declaration for

We use cookies on, a website of Fatboy the Original BV. A cookie is a tiny file sent together with pages of this website (and including Flash applications), which your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive. The information stored in the cookie can be sent back to our servers during a subsequent visit to our website.

In this cookie declaration, we explain which cookies are placed and with which purposes.

Remembering your settings

We use cookies to record your settings and preferences, so that we do not have to ask for this repeatedly. This concerns the following settings and preferences:

Forming a shopping cart for our web shop

Displaying Google Maps to show our location and to provide you with the possibility to create your own route description

Load balancing to speed up the site in case of busy traffic

Remembering for which cookies you have given permission

You can block these cookies via your browser, but then you must re-enter your preferences again.

Functioning of the website

We use cookies in order to have our website function properly. These functional cookies are used only for this purpose. We establish the following with this:

Your language preference

You can block these cookies via your browser, but this can affect the functioning of our website.

Social media buttons

Our website includes buttons for promoting web pages as well as for sharing on social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. These buttons place cookies and work by means of pieces of codes, which originate from these social networks. We have no influence over this. Please read the privacy declarations of these networks (which can change regularly) to learn what they do with the data and/or personal details that they obtain via these cookies.

The information that these networks collect is transferred to and stored on servers in the United States of America. The companies behind these networks state that they observe the Safe Harbor principles and are associated with the Safe Harbor programme of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there is evidence of an appropriate protection level for processing any personal data.

Tracking and profiling

We use tracking cookies to build a profile about you by means of the Google Analytics tool. More about this tool later. We can also retrieve this tracking cookie when you visit another website in our network. This informs us that you have also visited this/these other website(s) besides this website.

The profile about you serves only the purpose of matching ads to your profile, so that these ads are relevant for you as much as possible.

Google Analytics

Via our website, a cookie of the American company Google will also be placed as part of the Google Analytics service. We use this service to keep track of and to get reports about the use of our website by visitors. Google can give this information to third parties if Google will be legally obliged to do this or in as far as third parties process this information on behalf of Google. We have no influence over this. We have granted permission to Google to use the obtained Analytics information for other Google services.

Google transfers the information to and stores it on servers in the United States of America. Google has stated that it observes the Safe Harbor principles and is associated with the Safe Harbor programme of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there is evidence of an appropriate protection level for processing any personal data.

Right of perusal and correction or removal of your details

You have the right to request perusal and correction or removal of your details; see our contact page. To prevent misuse, we may ask you to identify yourself adequately. If this concerns perusal of personal data linked to a cookie, you must also send a copy of the cookie concerned. You can find this cookie in the settings of your browser.

Usually, you can remove cookies via the settings of your browser. You can find more information with regard to enabling, disabling and removing cookies in the instructions and/or the Help of your browser.

More information about cookies

You can find more information about cookies on the following websites:

Your Online Choices: “A guide to online behavioural advertising”