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Edison Connect App

What is the range of the connected lamps?
The maximum range is between 30 and 50 meters depending on the type of telephone you use.

With how many phones can I operate the lights?
You can connect the lamp with 1 smartphone at a time.

How do I connect my phone to the lamp?
Pull the label for about 6 seconds until the lamp starts to change color, now it is connectable.

My lamp is accidentally in torque mode, how do I get it from here?
If it does not jump out of pairing mode after half a minute, you can remove the plug from the socket and plug it in again.

How many lights can I link to my app?
You can connect and operate an unlimited number of Edison lamps. The maximum number of lamps in 1 'group' is 6 pieces.

What are the light colors?
2700k warm white to 5000k cool white

My lamp can not be operated, the buttons of the lamps show gray in my app.
This is the sign that you are out of range of the lamp. Once you are within range, you can operate the lamp again.

I have been out of reach and back and the lamp is still not operable.
It may be that the right of use has been jumped to the next telephone that is connected to the lamps. There is always one main user, the first to connect and within reach of the lamp. If this user goes out of range or deactivates bluetooth, the next user is entitled to operate the lights.