Payment methods per country

  AMEX MC Visa iDeal BanCC Trustly Sofort Dotpay Finnish E-Bank Giropay Klarna Multibanco Paypal
Netherlands x x x x                 x
Belgium x x x   x   x           x
Austria x x x       x           x
Germany x x x       x     x     x
Spain x x x     x             x
Italy x x x                   x
Poland x x x         x         x
United Kingdom x x x                   x
Finland x x x     x     x       x
Denmark x x x     x             x
Sweden x x x     x             x
Norway x x x     x             x
Portugal x x x                 x x
France x x x**                   x
Global* x x x                   x

*other countries on our webshop that you cannot find in this table
** Visa Card / Carte Bancaire

Attention! The advantage of paying by Credit Card or PayPal is that we can deliver all the stock items directly to you.

When you choose bank transfer, only possible in case of ordering spare parts, the items are not reserved for you. You will receive an email from the Service Department, which includes payment instructions.

The purchase agreement between you and Fatboy will come into force once the payment is completed. You will receive an order confirmation by email.