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Help, my Transloetje is not working


Are the pins at the bottom of your Transloetje been lost or broken? Then you are looking for the Fatboy Transloetje pins repair kit (3 pcs). See the movie below how you replace them: 

Does your Transloetje no longer switch off? Then give it a soft reset. You do this by letting it burn out and then charging it again for 3 hours.  


Step 1. Has your 2-year warranty expired?  

Yes -> go to step 2. 

No -> please, contact the point of sale.   


Step 2. Does the red light blink when charging?  

Yes -> Go to step 3.  

No -> try another charger this may be due to cable and/or plug (see photo specifications correct plug 5 W / 1Amp with cable C-type or micro USB).  

Step 3. Is the red indicator light flashing and does it turn on when connected to the charger cable or does your Transloetje only light up briefly after the charger is disconnected? Presumably the battery is broken and needs to be replaced (battery repair kit). See the movie below, how to replace it: 

Step 4. If the red indicator light does not light up when you connect your Transloetje to the charging cable, the PCB is probably defective. You can replace it with the repair kit PCB. See the movie below how you replace it:

ATTENTION!!! Only suitable for Transloetje with USB-C connector.