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Does Fatboy ship to the Canary and DOM-TOM Islands?

We deliver to the Canary Islands as well as the French overseas territories, the DOM-TOM islands.

If you’re interested in having your favorite Fatboy products delivered to the Canary Islands or DOM-TOM you may contact us through serviceteam@fatboy.com. Please include your shipping and billing address as well as the product(s) you’d like to order.

We’ll then calculate the exact shipping costs and send you a prepayment invoice for your order. As soon as the invoice is paid the order will ship out. Shortly after the order is shipped you’ll receive the tracking information from our shipping partner.

Please note that the invoice will be valid for 10 days. Afterwards the order will be canceled without costs.

For deliveries to Réunion Island contact our local reseller: 

C'est Clair, 29 Rue Amedée Bedier, Saint-Denis 97400, Réunion

Telephone: +262 262 20 92 50