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Why am I charged with delivery costs?

Delivery bulky items:

For orders including larger bulky items we work with special carriers. This means you will be charged an additional fee for UPS* and for DHL** per bulky item for the shipment.

This concerns bulky products such as our Fatboy bean bags, hammocks, Edison the Grand, Edison the Giant and our parasol collection.

* UPS: Amount depends on product and delivery area | 2-4 business days.
**DHL: Amount depends on product and delivery area | 3-10 business days.

On some items Fatboy charges a Shipping fee, this is mostly the case for the large ‘bulky’ items (such as beanbags, hammocks etcetera…).

These items are so big that transportations costs are very high. We ask a minimal shipping fee as we work with the most trusted couriers in the world, we ask them to take care of the delivery and for the large items plan a meeting with the customer for the delivery. Also in some cases the shipment costs cover the return costs.

We do not want our consumers to have to pay hundreds of euros (or dollars, or pounds, you get the point) to return an item, so in order to save them from those costs we ask a minimal contribution. 

Keep in mind that, you will always know exactly what the shipping costs are before you finalise your order. We will show you in the check-out a detailled overview of the costs you need to pay for shipping each item.

The shipping costs do not only depend on the size of the product but also on the country to where the product must be shipped to. The farther away the country is from our warehouse in the Netherlands, the more expensive the delivery often is. Also whether the country is located in the EU or not might have an effect.

Each shipping fee is calculated per product, this means that each product where we charge a shipping item has a specific fee, we try to keep this as low as possible.