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Help, my Hotspot Pillow does not work

Annoying that your Hotspot blanket doesn't seem to be working properly. We have some tips for you:

  1. The new Hotspot has an on/off button on the back of the red Fatboy label. With this you turn the Hotspot on, the lights start blinking. When the LED lights have blinked out, you can select a heat setting by pressing the O.

  2. The top row with 3 red LEDs indicate the heat setting (LOW = 1 red LED, MEDIUM = 2 red LEDs and HOT = 3 red LEDs) This last setting is a "turbo setting" to heat up the cushion quickly. For safety, this setting only works for some time. When the desired temperature is reached, switch to setting 1 or 2.

  3. Is your Hotspot properly charged?
    Check the connection between the red control panel and the battery.
    This is a twist-lock connection, so do the twist ;-).

    Check whether the control panel is working (are the red LED lights flashing when you press the power button?) Otherwise, try charging the battery.
    If the LEDs on the control panel do not indicate that the Hotspot is charging, remove dust/metal particles from the charging cable (magnetic pogo pin) and the connection point.
  4. When the 2 outer lights (light 1 and 4) of the battery indicator blink alternately, the Hotspot asks if you would like to recharge it so that it can then heat you again.

  5. The bottom row with 4 lights indicates the charge of the battery. At 4 red lights, it is fully charged.

  6. Should the 4 battery lights flash rapidly from left to right, the Hotspot is cooling down. The thermostat has switched off the Hotspot to prevent overheating. This will normally only happen in heating mode 3 (Turbo mode).
    The Hotspot will need to cool down for a few minutes, then you can turn the Hotspot back on and continue using it in the medium setting (setting 2) for the most comfortable user experience, Or setting 1 if you want to enjoy it for an extra long time.

    If you have gone through all the above steps and your Hotspot still won't heat you, there could be a problem with the electronics. In that case, contact our customer service: serviceteam@fatboy.com