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What do the different lights on my Hotspot Pillow mean?

The different lights on your Hotspot Pillow represent the different LED indications.

The top row with 3 red LED lights indicate the heat level (LOW = 1 red light, MEDIUM = 2 red lights and HOT + 3 red lights) The latter is for short-term use only.

The bottom row with 4 lights indicates the battery charge. At 4 lights, it is fully charged. At 1 light, you would do well to look for a socket, as you will only be able to enjoy the warmth of the Hotspot for a short time.

When the 2 outer lights (light 1 and 4) of the battery indicator blink alternately, the Hotspot will ask you to recharge it so it can heat you again.

Should the 4 battery lights flash rapidly from left to right, the Hotspot is cooling down. The thermostat has disabled the Hotspot to prevent overheating. This will normally only happen in heating mode 3 (HOT). If you wait a few minutes, you can then turn it back on as normal.