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Help, my Bolleke doesn't work anymore!

Ugh, that's annoying. Could you check the following things please?

  • Did you charge the lamp for at least eight hours before you started using it?
  • Try a different USB-C or micro-USB charger, like your phone charger for example. Check the connector for your lamp and make sure your charger fits properly. Is it charging now? Then the charger you were using may be defective. You can order a new one from our online store.
  • Is your Bolleke still not charging even with a different charger? Is it only working when it’s connected to a charger? Or is it not working at all? Unfortunately, it’s broken.


Sometimes it helps to reset Bolleke. Here’s how to do that: 

  • Leave your Bolleke on until the battery is completely discharged.
  • Then fully recharge it. If all is well, your Bolleke should be working again.


Are these instructions not doing the trick and did you get your Bolleke from our website? Please contact us.


Did you buy your Bolleke at a store or online? Please contact their customer service. They’ll be able to offer the best and fastest help in this case.