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Help, my Edison the Grand isn't working!

Ugh, how annoying that your Edison the Grand isn't working! Could you check a few things?

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  • Check to make sure Edison the Grand has power by connecting a different lamp (or hairdryer, or stick blender, or...) to the same outlet.
  • Check to make sure Edison the Grand works with the switch.
  • Check to make sure the remote control is working. If it isn’t, change the battery.
  • Pair the remote control again. Click here for information on how to install it.

Are none of these things helping? Then you can try this:

  • Turn your Edison the Grand upside down and loosen the screws.
  • Lift the inner part from the lamp and check to make sure the LED tube is still working. 

Did anything break off? We won’t be able to fix that, but we may have the part in stock. Did you buy the lamp through our website? Please contact our customer service.


Did you buy your lamp from another retailer or online store? Please contact their customer service. They'll be able to offer the best and fastest service in this case.