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Help, my Edison the Petit isn't working!

Step 1. Has your 2-year guarantee expired?

  • Yes;   Please go to step 2.
  • No;   Contact the point of sale. 

Step 2. Does the red light flash when charging?

  • Yes;  Please go to step 3.
  • No;  Try another charger (see photo specifications correct plug 5 V / 1Amp with cable C-type or micro USB).




Step 3. Remove the cap from the lamp. You do this by taking the shade of Edison the Petit under your arm and pulling on the base of the lamp. For more info, click here.

Check whether the white T-piece is correctly positioned in relation to the transparent plate that is attached to the thick LED rod. Do you hear a "click" when you press the white T-piece (with thin rod underneath)?



Step 4. Is the thick cylinder rod still firmly positioned in the housing and is the transparent plate on which the white T-piece rests still intact and not broken off?

Correct version:

Defective version:


Step 5. Does Edison the Petit only switch on when it is connected to the charger? Or does the lamp blink briefly when connected to the charger? Or does the lamp switch off sooner than you are used to after it is fully charged (a new Edison the Petit should be able to burn for around 6 hours at 100% brightness)?

  • No;   Please go to step 6


Step 6.  Does the Edison the Petit not switch on when the charging cable is connected? Does the USB port look damaged (it wobbles, is 'lame')?

  • No;  Please contact our customer service. It is possible that you have moisture damage or another technical problem. We do not know whether this can be solved but we are happy give you our thoughts about it.