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How long does Edison the Petit stay on?

The following applies to the second generation Edison the Petit (from batch number 2001730 and newer, sold from 01-12-2020 on fatboy.com) which are continuously dimmable by pulling the label down and holding it down:


When fully charged, Edison the Petit will stay on for:

  • Approximately 7.5 to 8 hours, on the brightest setting

The following applies to the first generation Edison the Petit (up to and including batch number 2001712 , sold on fatboy.com up to and including 30-11-2020), which has 3 different light intensities by briefly pulling on the label:

When Edison the Petit is fully charged, it'll stay on for:

  • Approximately 24 hours in the first light setting
  • Approximately fifteen hours in the second light setting
  • Approximately six hours in the third, brightest light setting

The following applies to both generations:

After charging, take Edison the Petit off the charger again. If you switch it on while it is still in the charger, it is bad for the battery. Eventually, it will no longer charge properly.