My Lamzac 2.0 is deflating very fast. How do I solve this?

We’re sorry to hear your Lamzac is deflating and you can’t fully enjoy the item anymore.

If your Lamzac deflates very fast, there could be a couple of reasons. Please check the following points, which will allow us to solve your problem:

  • When inflating the Lamzac 2.0 please ensure that the Lamzac 2.0 is filled with enough air before closing it.
  • Please ensure that the opening is tightened with enough pressure before closing by rolling it at least 4 times. If the Lamzac 2.0 is not tightened enough, this could cause quick deflation!
  • Do you hear any sounds of leakage when sitting on the Lamzac 2.0?
  • Is there any visible damage to the Lamzac 2.0?

Were the above instructions not helpful? Then please contact the seller of your Lamzac, they will help you further. (Fatboy dealer for store purchases, Fatboy for direct purchases).

Please always provide them with your Lamzac’s batch number to allow the seller to get started on your problem immediately. You can find this number on the white label in the carrying case (100...).