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How many light settings does the Edison the Petit have?

How many light modes your Edison the Petit has depends on the batch number. Look at the bottom of the bulb, there is a number starting with 100... or 200.

The Edison the Petit 4.0, batch number greater than or equal to 2001730
This is sold from 01-12-2020 on fatboy.com and infinitely dimmable.
Pull the red Fatboy label and hold it for 10 seconds, pulled. The light now changes from high to low in brightness. If you release the red Fatboy label again, it will remember this light intensity. If you then briefly pull the red label, it will switch on at that light setting.

Below you can see how dimming the Edison the Petit works:


The Edison the Petit with a batch number smaller than 2001730

These have, still have the 3-position system for dimming. The brightness of the Edison the Petit is changeable and has three settings in this. To switch on the Edison the Petit, briefly pull the red Fatboy label:

Start position; the Edison the Petit is off.
Pull the label once: the light burns with 15% brightness (2 Lumen)
Pull the label twice: the lamp lights up at 50% brightness (21 Lumen)
Pull the label three times: the light comes on at 100% brightness (67 Lumen)
Pull the label four times: the Edison the Petit turns off again.