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My Lamzac 1.0 is deflating. What can I do?

We would like to ask you to check if anything is broken. Is the inner bag broken, is the Lamzac torn? Or is the Lamzac releasing air? To make sure the correct action will be taken, we kindly ask that you double check the action points below.

  • Is the inner plastic bag well wrapped at the ends of the Lamzac? If you are able to easily pull it loose, or if it is already loose, we would like to ask you to wrap it tight again. You can open the Lamzac by turning the end and wrap it again. The inner plastic bag needs to reach the full length of the Lamzac. Then, fold back the edges 4 times again to make sure the Lamzac has been closed correctly.          
  • Check that there is no damage to / or little holes in the plastic inner bag.
  • After you have filled the Lamzac with air and strapped it, you’ll need to wrap the end with the straps at least 4 times and click it together with the wraps. If the Lamzac is filled with less air, you’ll need to wrap it as many times until the Lamzac is tightly filled.

You can also check out our Facebook for the instruction video.