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I want to return my order.

Are you not satisfied with your purchased product after all, or is it damaged? We’re sorry to hear that and of course we’ll resolve this for you.

Return form

Via our return portal you can register your return and you will receive a UPS return label. You only need your web order number and the e-mail address you used to place the order.

Cannot find your country in the list? Please use this form (https://www.fatboy.com/returns-service

  1. Choose the country you are returning from
  2. Return within 30 days or a return after 30 days but within 2 years (within EU)
  3. Select the product you want to return by clicking on the + in front of the article
  4. Select reason for return and service request
    Add the batch number or add a photo if necessary.
    Click on Save.
  5. Do this for all items you wish to return and then click on next
  6. Enter comments if needed
  7. Check your details and click on request return

Your return will be reviewed, this takes a minute

Returns over 30 days but within 2 years must be approved by us after this. You will automatically receive a message about this.

After approval, the same steps follow as for a return within 30 days.

Return within 30 days:

  1. Check your (return) address
  2. Select the package size (this does not have to be the exact size of the box)

Do this for all items
By clicking on the + , you can add another box

  1. Select your shipping option.
    Small packages: Drop off at a UPS location of your choice
    For medium and large packages you can choose between drop-off at a UPS location of your choice or pick-up by UPS.
  2. Click Create Shipment
    For UPS pickup, select the desired pickup date using the calendar. You will receive a pick up number (29... number) from UPS. Save this number for any communication regarding the pick up.

Cannot find your country in the list? Please use this form.

Experiencing other problems registering your return? Send us an e-mail via the contact form choose Contact and put the web order number in the subject line. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here’s a list of our promises

  • Any reason is acceptable, including ‘I have changed my mind’.
  • A 30 day cooling-off period, during which you can return your order.
  • Return free of charge within the 30-day cooling-off period with the return label supplied by us. You can request the return label via the Return form.
  • Do you want a refund? We’ll refund the full amount to your bank account within 14 days after you sign up for the product.
  • Was your product damaged upon receipt? Please contact us, we'll resolve this for you.