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Water filters inside of my Jolly Trolley lamp, what can I do?

If the lamp is activated ON, and its possible to see water inside of the ball shade it means the lamp has not proper assembled and the sealing are not working properly.
We recomend following this instructions:
> If the product is out-doors we recomend to bring it in-doors so it will not be exposed to the elements.
> Carefully unscrew the plastic light ball being careful not to drop the aluminum shade that covers the top half.
> Once unscrewed, separate the three items (Plastic Ball - Aluminum Shade - Silicone gasket).
> Remove the water form inside of the ball and make sure its fully dry (use a cloth or paper towels and let the items rest in a warm environment to ensure absence of humidity).
> Re assembly the group making sure the aluminum shade is well centered and not interfering between the silicone gasket and the screwed lamp fixture.
> Make sure to screw the lamp tight back.