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One of my Oloha lamps is not charging.

When the lamp is not working you can check the suggestions below:

Check the connection with the adapter and make sure the lamp is charging. The charger works,
when it’s connected to the Oloha and a red LED indicates a proper connection. The LED indicator
light blinks during the charging procedure and will stop blinking once the battery is fully charged.

Check the charging connections on the lamp and on the cable. Small particles might interfere with the contact surfaces of the two magnets, causing a poor connection. A proper connection is when the red LED indicator light starts blinking.

If the lamp only works with the charger connected, it may indicate that the batteries are defective. Also do not use the lamp if the USB cable is damaged. If the lamp no longer works it may be unsuitable or use. Please contact your Fatboy dealer or our product service department. Never attempt to repair the lamp yourself without following the proper instructions.