What to do when my Candyofnie doesn't work anymore?

We’re sorry to hear your Candyofnie doesn't work and you can’t fully enjoy the item anymore.

To solve your problem, we want ask you to check these options:

  • Check if the Candyofnie has power. 
  • Check if the remote control is working properly. If not, please change the battery (CR2032).
  • Try pairing (connecting) your remote again with the lamp.

Please follow these instructions in order to pair your remote control with the Candyofnie:

  • Make sure the lamp is not connected to the power supply.
  • Press on the "+" button of the remote control.
  • While keeping the "+" button pressed, switch on the lamp to the power.
  • Keep on pressing the "+" button of the remote control for 10 seconds. 
  • After that, the lamp should switch on and the matching is initiated. 

Check whether the lamp works with another Fatboy LED bulb. Ensure that the lamp is correctly connected. On the fitting and the LED lamp there is a (+) and a (-) on both sides. These must align with each other. If the lamp is burning another Fatboy lamp then you only have to replace the Fatboy LED lamp. Does not another Fatboy LED light work? Then there may be a problem with the fitting or the electricity.

Were the above instructions not helpful? Then please contact the seller of your Candyofnie, they will help you further.

When your Candyofnie is still under warranty, and you bought it in the webshop of Fatboy, our colleagues of the customer service department are happy to help you.

In case your Candyofnie is still under warranty, and you bought it in one of the stores of our dealers, you can contact them. They are happy to help you.

New light bulb
If you would like to purchase a new light bulb, please check our Webshop under Service items