What to do when my Transloetje doesn't go off anymore?

We’re sorry to hear your Transloetje doesn't work and you can’t fully enjoy the item anymore.

To solve your problem, we want ask you to check these options, and to reset your Transloetje:

  • Let the Transloetje completely run empty
  • Then recharge the Transloetje again with the corresponding charger.
  • If it is correct, the lamp should reset itself while charging and the problem must be fixed.

Were the above instructions not helpful? Then please contact the seller of your Transloetje, they will help you further. (Fatboy dealer for store purchases, Fatboy for direct purchases).

If your Transloetje is still under warranty, and you bought it in the webshop of Fatboy, our colleagues of the customer service department are happy to help you.

If your Transloetje is still in warranty, and you bought it in one of the stores of our dealers, you can contact them. They are happy to help you.