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What to do when my Edison the Petit doesn't work?

To solve your problem, we want ask you to check these options:

  • Has the lamp been fully charges (minimal 8 hours) before the first use?
  • Insert the charger. Is the red light on the bottom of the lamp flashing? Then the battery is charging. If not, try using another Fatboy charger.
  • Does the lamp work with another charger? Then you only have to replace the old charger. Click here to visit our online shop. 
  • If the lamp does not charge, the battery may be defective.

If the lamp is charging but doesn't turn on then we kindly ask you to open the lamp.

  • Place the lamp between your side and upper arm and put a little pressure. The top of the lamp will 'pop' open. Click here to view the video! Leave the foot of the lamp closed!
  • Check whether the switch has moved or broken. 
  • If the switch is only misplaced, you can click it back in the right place. If something has broken of inside this unfortunately can't be repaired.

Were the above instructions not helpful? Then please contact the seller of your Edison the Petit, they will help you further.

If your Edison the Petit is still under warranty, and you bought it in one of the stores of our dealers, you can contact them. They are happy to help you.

If your Edison the Petit is still under warranty, and you bought it in the Fatboy online shop, our colleagues of the customer service department are happy to help you.