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My Lamzac is deflating. How do I solve this?

Instructions for the Lamzac 2.0, L (Deluxe), XXXL en Lamzac O.

  • Click here to read how to correctly inflate the Lamzac.
  • When inflating the Lamzac please ensure that the Lamzac is filled with enough air before closing it. Please ensure that the opening is tightened with enough pressure before closing by rolling it at least 4 times. If the Lamzac is not tightened enough, this could cause quick deflation!
  • Check if the Lamzac is closed properly. When not properly closed the Lamzac will loose air.

Is your Lamzac deflating but you can't spot a leak? Sprinkle some water with mild soap over the seams of the inflated Lamzac. Press the Lamzac and see if you can discover air bubbles. It is important that you take a photo or video of this.

Is there any visible damage to the Lamzac? Please take a photo that clearly shows the damage.

In case your defective Lamzac is still under warranty, and you bought it in one of the stores of our dealers, you can contact them. They are happy to help you.

When your defective Lamzac is still under warranty and you bought it in the Fatboy webshop, our colleagues of the customer service department are happy to help you.