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Help, my Lamzac is deflating!

Perhaps there isn’t enough air in your Lamzac? If that’s the case, it can deflate quickly. Or maybe you didn't close the Lamzac properly? instructions on filling and closing your Lamzac.


Do you think your Lamzac has a leak, but you can’t find it? Rub some water with mild soap over the seams of the inflated Lamzac. Press your Lamzac and see if bubbles appear. Take a picture of it. Is there any other visible damage? Take a clear picture of this too.


Did you buy your Lamzac from our website? Then we’ll take care of it for you. Please contact us.


Did you buy the Lamzac from another retailer or online store? Please contact their customer service. They'll be able to offer the best and fastest service in this case.