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How many light settings does the Edison the Petit have?

You have to pull on the red Fatboy label to turn on the Edison the Petit. The brightness of Edison the Petit is changeable and has three modes:

Start position: the Edison the Petit is off.
Pull the red label once: the light burns with 15% brightness (2 Lumen).
Pull the red label twice: the light burns with 50% brightness (21 Lumen).
Pull the red label three times: the light is burns with 100% brightness (67 Lumen)
Pull the red label for a fourth time: the Edison the Petit goes out.

The Edison the Petit 4.0 is now infinitely dimmable. This feature is only available on the Edison the Petit 4.0, as from batchnumber 2001730 and newer (sold from 01-12-2020 on fatboy.com).
Click here for the video to see how it works.