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How do I fill my Lamzac and put it away again?

Loosen the buckle and roll out the Lamzac®. Open the 'mouth' of the Lamzac and fill the lamzac® in a straight line. Don't wave the Lamzac around like a flag and don't press the Lamzac against your body. Roll up the closure at least 4 times. The tighter you close your Lamzac the longer it will stay inflated. Now bend and close the buckle. Sit back and relax!

Filling the Lamzac is best done in a straight line. Make the filling opening as large as possible and ensure that as little body parts as possible block the filling opening. If you fill it outdoors you do this best against the wind, the easiest way this to run-up. Also make sure that you do not press the Lamzac against your body, then you press out the air.

While running you close the straps so the air is locked inside. Then turn he straps at least four times so that you get a tightly filled Lamzac.

When you are indoors, you can also fill the Lamzac by scooping up the air in several shovel movements. Also make sure that you close the straps before the end of the movement and that you do not pull the Lamzac against your body.